AH3 – Trail #2159-Middle East Feast Trail – Feb 25, 2024 02:00PM

Where: Atterbury Entrance, Copperfield Nature Trails
ur hares: babagagush & 7 year bitch
It’s Baba’s birthday!!!!! plz cum and then cum join these hashy beasts from the Middle East for a tasty trail followed by a feast on a Persian! ..I mean a feast of Persian and other yummy scrumdiliuptious Mid East dishes and dips!!
Start is the Atterbury Entrance of Copperfield Nature Trails [search Atterbury Entrance, Copperfield Nature Trails on Google, Apple, and Waze Maps]
bring vergins n extra shoesies n kisses for the birthday boi
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AH3 Trail #2157 – Smegma and FMLA Pokémon’s Sporty Event Day Hash

Where: Spec’s parking lot, 4970 W. Hwy 290, Austin, TX

Cum Hash an A to B Trail, roughly 4.5 miles, that DOES NOT start or end at the SMEGMA CASA. It is a SPORTS Theme, any team, any color, any thing; just team up.

Hares are Smegma Balls and Fuck Me Like a Pokemon.

Start is in the parking lot of Spec’s Liquors, NE Corner of Mopac and Hwy 71W, at Brodie Lane. 4970 W. Hwy 290 in Austin. Trail will be downhill, the weather sunny and mild, and alcohol fairies will guide you to the beer. Trail is “dog friendly” on a leash. (The on afters are not dog friendly.) A quick circle should be over around 4:30, giving any one time to jet off to their Super Bowl parties.

You may even get invited to a hasher’s house to watch the game if you attend circle. You are likely to get very muddy and wet on this trail given the weather. So bring a complete change of clothes. You won’t be invited to any private Super Bowl watch parties at a house or a public one at a bar if you’re looking like a drowned muddy rat.

Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

Taco Tuesday H3 – Feb 06, 2024 06:30PM

Where: Rosita’s Al Pastor, 1801 E Riverside Dr, Austin, TX 78741, USA

BYOB, come join the gang for trail and tacos!
…why does it feel like it’s been Seven Years since I’ve had tacos?? 😭
wassap snitches! it’s ya boi 7YB 💁 start and end is going to be at Rosita’s. Bring your booze. This is a pick-up trail, catch the Hare, get some tail.. I mean.. lay trail. okay ily
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AH3 – Trail #2156 Meatless Loves the Hemp (and so does Romanian!) – Feb 04, 2024 02:00PM

Where: 1110 E 52nd St, Austin, TX 78723, USA

Hares: Meatless Wonder and Romanian Steamer
What: National Hemp Day Hash
When: 2PM, 02/4
Where: Former Oat Willie’s World Headquarters at 52nd and Cameron Rd.
What3Words: spooned.immunity.posed
The plan was to start at Oat Willies for National Hemp Day, then while scouting trail this week, found out that the store has just closed, and a truck was emptying out everything from the location. So much for best laid plans, but we will start there nonetheless.
Park around the corner on 52nd, by Carousel Lounge. Carousel is closed on Sunday, so no worries about parking in their lot, or just use the street.
Trail is A-B

Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.