Hashy Hour Sep 17, 2021 05:30PM

Lustre Pearl South, 10400 Menchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78748, USA
Sorry for late posting. We’re due back south, so Lustre Pearl South on Menchaca today. Not sure who can attend today (I can’t) so try to make plans with at least one other person.

All kennels and visitors welcome, as always.

AH3- Smeg’s 10th Anal Divorcee Pool Party – Sep 19, 2021 01:00PM

Where: 8503 El Rey Blvd, Austin, TX 78737, USA
CUM celebrate divorcees at SMEG’s 10th Anal Divorcee Hash and Pool Party (singles and married folks invited too) Help close out summer and get ready for cooler weather. Hares off at 1:30pm short A-A trail with beer check, all downhill, wind at your back, great trail for virgins. Bring some type of pool attire (must wear bottoms, topless only please.) Lots of food, variety of alcoholic beverages, bring your favorite divorcee virgins (or someone who wants to be divorced). Arrive at the start for pre-lube at noon if desired. Check FB for updates and more details.
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

AH3 – 25th Anal Virgo Birthday Trail – Sep 12, 2021 04:30PM

Where: 5595 Bluffstone Dr, Austin, TX 78759, USA
HARES: Tits R 4 Tricks; The Body; Look Ma, No Cavititties; Strawberry Balls Forever; Dickalicious; Dude, Where’s My Boobcheck

START: September 12th, 4:30pm at 5595 Bluffstone Lane (aka Bluffstone Drive on some maps)

END: A to A’

Dog friendly, but forecast is for a warm, sunny day. Money, ID not required on trail. Bring a cellphone; it will be so much easier to locate you when you’re lost on trail.

You will only see Tits R 4 Tricks masked and at a distance. The vaccine her doctor prefers for her is not yet FDA approved.
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

Hashy Hour Sep 10, 2021 05:00PM

Tillery Kitchen and Bar, 3201 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702, USA
We have a reservation for 8 this week at a nice shady patio overlooking the Colorado. Drink and food hashy hour specials end at 6, so because of that and the reservation get here asap.

$1 off lounge friendly plates
$3 off Specialty Cocktails
$5 Draft Wine and Beer

Parking available at the restaurant. For overflow, find street parking on nearby 2nd, Tillery, and Linden streets. See you there.

All kennels and visitors welcome, as always.

AH3 – InterAmericas 2001 Remembered, 20 years of bitching later! – Sep 05, 2021 03:30PM

Where: 2384 Stratford Dr, Austin, TX 78746, USA
On this weekend 20 years ago AH3 hosted 1,000 hounds at InterAmericas in Austin. It was memorable in many ways but some have never forgiven us for the fire ants, the deluge of rain, or the 1/2 mile of ankle deep mud leading to the On-In. Who knew that pot smoke from a party room could fill up the atrium of the Hyatt so quickly? Enough stories to fill a book.

Come out and join us for a fun filled trip down memory lane of all the wonderful Austin sites that made up InterAmericas 2001. Your hares The Body, She Mussel Bitch, and Squeef will take you on an epic journey. Feel free to BYO Lawnmower beer and fire ants. And if you’re lucky-Austin will f*ck you again!

Start is under Mopac bridge, south side. Bring water for trail, a mug for drinking, and your voice for singing. 

Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

AH3 – Curmudgeon Conundrum – Aug 29, 2021 03:30PM

Where: Twin Lakes Family YMCA, 204 E Little Elm Trail, Cedar Park, TX 78613, USA
Hare: Crusty Beaver
A to A’
30.49440, -97.80800

Or the what3words app happens to get you to the start and captures either the hare’s mood or his opinion of some critters.

readily.categorically.overjoyed or daft.accosted.goats
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

Hashy Hour Aug 27, 2021 05:00PM

Sawyer & Co, 4827 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702, USA
This week we’re at Sawyer & Co for some New Orleans favorites. They have good hashy hour specials on a subset of their food and drink menu. You can see here: https://www.sawyerand.co/happy-hour

Patio and parking available. We’ll be in open air. All kennels and visitors welcome, as usual.

Hashy Hour Aug 20, 2021 05:00PM

Pluckers Wing Bar, 3909-B S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704, USA
We have six  “5 Free Wings” cards courtesy of Austin FC’s win a few weeks back, so let’s cash them in. This Plucker’s has the best patio in Austin and is not right next to the freeway like most of them. We’ll be somewhere in the “Coop”, which has two big picnic tables with no cover, and traditional tables in a covered but open air environment adjacent to it. They tell me outside is not usually full until 5:30p so whoever gets there first, grab a big table. Plenty of parking.

All kennels and visitors welcome, as always.

AH3 – Hasta Lago Vista, Baby! – Aug 22, 2021 2:30PM

Hares: Burger Queen, Scuba Dooba Do Me

Start: Warbler Vista Parking – Balcones National Canyonlands
Better map to start: https://goo.gl/maps/C9EnkPnXDUgywRp38

Description to start.

1. US 183 north to FM 1431

2. Left on FM 1431 past Jonestown to Lago Vista

3. After Lohman’s Ford road, lanes decrease from four to two

4. Shortly thereafter, look for “Balcones Canyonlands” sign and turn right

5. Pass first parking lot and park at second parking lot (the one with bathrooms).

Sorry for the long drive. You can blame the wankers from Trail #2027 who hijacked our trail.  Start is a 30 minute drive from Braker @ 183. Plan accordingly. You should be passing Braker @ 183 by 2pm for the 230pm call time. Pack off after 3pm.

Remember when we were doing solo picture trails in the early Covid days? I ventured far and wide across Central Texas in 2020 and discovered some new places. Now I’m going to share. Trail is part of the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge. So technically dogs are not allowed because they like to eat the protected wildlife, like Golden Cheeked Warblers. That being said, if you have a well-mannered dog you might be able to get away with it. I’ve never seen a park ranger while in these preserves but we’re not paying your ticket if you get one.

A-A, ~ 4 miles. Hot, dry weather. Bring water on trail. One nice beer check with some shade. Rugged terrain and elevation so bring your sturdy trail shoes. Bathrooms available at parking lot (but they’re pretty much fancy porto-potties, no running water).

On-After is going to be a circle vote.

  1. The Dig Pub in Cedar Park, about halfway back to Austin  ~15 miles from start/on-in.  Good food and beer, outside seating, and they like hashers. 401 Cypress Creek Road # 600, Cedar Park, TX 78613
  2. Copperhead Grille, ~4 miles from start/on-in in Lago Vista. Big outdoor area, kind of a biker bar. Burgers, sandwiches, shrimp. Less menu and draft beer than Dig Pub but probably cheaper. 6115 Lohman Ford Rd, Lago Vista, TX 78645

Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.