AH3 – Trail #2120 Smeg’s Pool Party Hash – May 28, 2023 01:00PM

Where: 7415 Southwest Pkwy, Austin, TX 78735, USA
Club Med Hashing Begins Now! Join Smegma Balls, Poke Chon, Meat Freak, and other Hares on the 21st Annual Pool Party Hash and Cook Out, on Memorial Day Weekend. Significant prizes for the Top 3 Red, White, and/or Blue trail or pool skit or costumes. Not dog friendly; 4.23 miles; pinata check, A to B hash, all down hill and the wind at your back. Free BJs tomorrow. Bring towel, and a swim suit or thong. Rinse off before you jump in the pool. Do NOT pee in the pool. Use the Porta Potty. A grill and a griddle will be grinding out cow burgers and weiners. Veggie patties also. Bring tasty appetizers or desserts, if you want, not required. Bring virgins. You can drive to the B and leave your car, then catch a ride to the A, but must arrive BEFORE 1 pm at the B, 8503 El Rey Blvd, Austin. Park on the side of the road in the grass or rocks. Questions 512-426-5728. Happy Summer! On On!
P.S. Bring extra beer to the pool party!
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

AH3 – 22nd Anal Curry Cookoff – May 20, 2023 01:00PM

Where: 8714 Bluegrass Dr, Austin, TX 78759, USA
Well, it’s that time of the year for another Curry Cookoff. The host is Sami, last year’s winner (and 1st time competitor).

Cooking can start at 1pm, with judging at 4:00pm. Come help us eat all the yummy entries immediately following judging.

White rice will be provided. BYOB. This is always a fun event. More cooks make for more fun. Volunteer!

Please post if you plan on competing. The event may be canceled if there are less than five competitors.

The ‘Rules’ of the Curry Cookoff

1. All nationalities are welcome to compete. If you are from Pakistan, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, or any other country where curries are a national dish, you may also be asked to be a Judge for the event!

2. Bring your own gas burner, propane, pots, pans and utensils. Nothing will be supplied by the host, except a few tables.

3. You may chop and marinade your meat (hint: the cow is considered sacred by many Indians) before the cookoff, otherwise everything must be prepared on site. This is part of the spirit of the event! Store-bought curry pastes and mixes are considered unfair. You may prepare your own in advance, though.
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

AH3 – Trail #2119 Barks for Beers – May 21, 2023 03:00PM

Where: 30.26230963198328, -97.67202563278755
It’s a Barks for Beers trail! The beer stops are dog friendly, but it is going to be hot out and there will be other runners and bicycles on the trail. Your call, but I’m leaving my dog at home.

Start location is just off 183 and Walnut creek trail. If you can’t use the GPS coodinates, then drive toward the Delwau Lane Trail Head and you will drive past us.

Bring water, cash and ID. If you don’t already have a Barks for Beer pawsport, then this is your chance to buy one ($30 at the first BC) and get some use out of it. The On-After will also give you a beer if you have one.

Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

AH3 – Smut Mutt’s 60th – May 14, 2023 03:00PM

Where: 6600 Yaupon Dr, Austin, TX 78759, USA
It’s Smut Mutt’s 60th orbit around the earth.  Cum help him celebrate!

Location: Dominion at Great Hills Park
6600 Yaupon Dr, Austin, TX 78759

Cum follow flour through a nice stroll through the woods through mostly virgin territory. Dog friendly w/leash. Pork at the end.
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

AH3 – Trail #2117 – May 07, 2023 03:00PM

Where: 4801 Plaza on the Lake, Austin, TX 78746, USA
Hare: (Massive) Slut Slinger + Mystery co-hare

Stinko de Mayo

Elvis is in the building! Steak and Blowjob Trail – Mexican style

This trail is not dog friendly Bring survival gear.
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.