Want to Have Hounds Chasing You?

Haring a trail is the thing that binds us together as a kennel. Without mass participation in haring, we would not have trail every week. Or it’d be a JM death march half the time. Hares create the weekly adventure we share together as hashers.

Before you hare at Austin H3, you should have several trails as a hound under your belt, with at least a few in our kennel. Haring is hard, but rewarding!

See the following information about haring at Austin H3:

Sign Up to Hare

Use this form to sign up for haring at Austin H3. Before filling out this form, check the calendar to see if the Sunday you want is available. Check your e-mail for more information after you sign up.
  • Enter your hash name or "Just MyFirstName". As the hare who is booking the event, you will be considered the 'primary hare'
  • We need your e-mail to send you information and expectations as a hare.
  • If you have not hashed in Austin before, you need an Austin-based sponsor. Please list that person here. And/or any co-hares you have.
  • Select the Sunday that you want to hare. Please check the calendar first to make sure it's available.
  • :
    This is the time you want to post on the calendar as the meeting time. Typically the pack will be let loose 30 mins later after chalk talk. You can change this later but please provide an estimate.
  • Enter an address, or leave blank if you don't know yet. Don't say "Such & Such Park". We need a street address on your start location in order to communicate it clearly to everyone and their GPS systems.
  • If you know what you want to say about your trail in the calendar event, put it here. If it's far in the future and you don't know, it's ok to leave it blank.
  • The Joint Masters of Austin H3 will review your request and put your date on the calendar if accepted. If you have any other questions or concerns, put them here.