Hare Expectations

SMB’s take on how the hares are expected
(for lack of a better word) to handle the day.

  1. Set the trail (live or dead) with a sufficeint amount of flour,toilet paper, chalk, etc.
  2. Provide the extra beer (outside of the donated), ice it, have it ready for the beer check and the end. There should be enough beer for the hounds to have one at the beercheck, a few at the end, and for the RA to get through the circle. The $5 per hound is not for an ENDLESS supply of beer. How much beer can you get for $5? Not 12-usually. Usually, the Austin hash is around 40, so get 4 more cases of yellow stuff to supplement the good stuff, unless you are Slut Slinger and therefore get yourself 4 additional cases!
  3. Food-up to the hares. Typically, there are munchies, sodas or water, at the end. The hares should plan to spend the $3 per hound on the extra beer, ice, food. Anything additional is out of their pocket, i.e. if you decide to make chili, curry, whatever. Just make sure the fools aren’t wasted and driving without something in their stomachs.
  4. The dog thing. Look, I don’t care if you bring your dog, but it is your responsibility. This goes for a child as well. If you aren’t sure whether or not it is a dog friendly trail (meaning it hasn’t been made abundantly clear to you that it is) contact the hares! They are setting a trail for a human drinking club, and they don’t have to set it to accommodate dogs unless they care to. And it’s your responsibility to deal with your dog at the end as well.
  5. Private property: OK, we have a lot of new folks that maybe aren’t from Texas, don’t belong to the NRA, and don’t really understand the way private property works. Basically, they can shoot you if they wanna. End of story, stay off private property.
  6. Make sure you have sufficient vehicles to get the bags, beer etc. to the beer check and the end as well as some way to get the hounds back to their cars. It is not anyone else’s responsibility to do this for you. It’s part of haring.
  7. Small circle-talk to their GM, Wanksgiving!
  8. On On On: Pick something cheap and easy to get to or else nobody will go. Food is not a complete requirement, but might not be a bad idea.