AH3 – Trail #2161 To Boldly Go Where No Hasher Has Gone Before – Mar 10, 2024 02:00PM

Hares: Burger Queen, Dickalicious, Whoreo, Bubbles the Sad Beer Clown, Schultz

It’s BQ’s birthday trail, a few days early. Plus it’s Meatless Wonder’s 6-0h birthday! What could be more f’d up than a BQ trail on the day of a spring forward time shift during SXSW? You shall see.

So we won’t sugar coat it. The first half of this trail is largely level five shiggy. You will have a choice to get wet or ignore your fear of heights. There is a significant amount of stinging nettles. I’m still feeling it after scouting and my legs look like I lost a fight with a wolverine. Shiggy socks highly recommended.

You will be rewarded with virgin hash territory, some of it on future Austin parkland that is yet to be developed into something accessible for people less skilled than hashers.

Second half after beer check is more traditional if you can’t do the level five shiggy.

* Shiggy socks
* Change of clothes, including shoes
* Your best half mind

On-after: Central Machine Works

Remember: Trail is on a time-shift day!—–
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.