AH3 – Trail#2132 Brothers Lover’s Birthday Trail – Aug 20, 2023 01:01PM

Where: 30.25203° N 97.73619° W
Hares: Seven Year Bitch, Brother Darryl Or My Other Brother Darryl
WhatThreeWords: ///mashing.hatter.traded  Parking lot under I-35 at Festival Shores.

Cum on, cum all to celebrate Brotherly Love of Bitches at the Beaches. It’s Seven Year Bitch’s Birthday Hash at Festival Beach!
G-String Attire recommended it is going to be so funkn hot at the beach!
Change of attire and cash id on trail recommended, urban shiggy trail with water wading opportunities expected. Live layed trail, if you catch the hares you are allowed to watch. Bring extra virgans for the brothers.
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.