AH3 – Trail #2130 BQ Celebrates 30 Years in Austin – Aug 06, 2023 04:00PM

Hard to believe, but 30 years ago this week I moved to Austin after graduating college, moving into a rental house at 10th St. @ MoPac with two friends. This will be a tour of my first Austin neighborhood. It’s going to be hot, so I redid my original idea to shorten it a bit and add more A/C and natural tree cover


  • Start is the parking lot for Town Lake trail/Austin High tennis courts along Veteran’s Drive. Location: 30.274927, -97.770464
  • A-A’. distance between A and prime is half mile. Entire true trail between A-A’ is just over 3 miles. I am haring alone so I won’t be able to carry all your bags plus 20 chairs. We’ll solve that with car backs or grab it yourself when we pass close to A on the way to A’.
  • Bring water, $, and ID. We will have two beer stops with A/C. The second also has ice cream and smoothies available. In-between those two stops, there is a hydration/beer stop with a splash pad. So every mile or so on this trail there will be cooling opportunities.
4pm call time, pack-off 4:30pm