AH3 – Trail #2120 Smeg’s Pool Party Hash – May 28, 2023 01:00PM

Where: 7415 Southwest Pkwy, Austin, TX 78735, USA
Club Med Hashing Begins Now! Join Smegma Balls, Poke Chon, Meat Freak, and other Hares on the 21st Annual Pool Party Hash and Cook Out, on Memorial Day Weekend. Significant prizes for the Top 3 Red, White, and/or Blue trail or pool skit or costumes. Not dog friendly; 4.23 miles; pinata check, A to B hash, all down hill and the wind at your back. Free BJs tomorrow. Bring towel, and a swim suit or thong. Rinse off before you jump in the pool. Do NOT pee in the pool. Use the Porta Potty. A grill and a griddle will be grinding out cow burgers and weiners. Veggie patties also. Bring tasty appetizers or desserts, if you want, not required. Bring virgins. You can drive to the B and leave your car, then catch a ride to the A, but must arrive BEFORE 1 pm at the B, 8503 El Rey Blvd, Austin. Park on the side of the road in the grass or rocks. Questions 512-426-5728. Happy Summer! On On!
P.S. Bring extra beer to the pool party!
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.