AH3 – Trail #2068 – May 29, 2022 01:00PM

Hare: Smegma Balls, Co-hares: Choco Taco, Scooby Dooby Do Me, Squeef

Location for Pool Party: 8503 El Rey Blvd Austin, TX 78737

Location for start of trail: 8700 S View Rd, Austin, TX 78737, USA

Cum Celebrate 20 Years of Beating the Pinata! Sunday, May 29. Free Commemorative Hash Shirts for all who attend paying regular hash cash. Join your Hares, Smegma Balls, Choco Taco, Scooby Doobie Do Me, and Squeef, along with 3 large pinatas, for an afternoon of delightful decadence, hashing the hills of Oak Hill, ending up in the Pool and backyard of SmegmaBalls.
Dogs okay on trail (some barbed wire), but not in the backyard with the pool party. (Spoogie Face is allowed in the back yard, if he cums.) Bring virgins, friends of virgins, your sister, your brother, and topless and bottomless dancers.
Auto wankers are “okay” only if we can blindfold you and have you swing at one of the Porno Pinatas. New Rule: All auto wankers must swing at the Pinatas!
Please rinse off before entering the pool, do NOT pee in the pool, no Flour in the pool. Use the Porta Potty. Best to keep your bottoms on, but topless is okay everyday.
Start location is at about 8700 South View Road, in the parking lot of Austin Waldorf School. Trail is roughly 3 +/- miles with a Beer / Shot check. End is at 8503 El Rey Blvd Austin, TX 78737 You can Cum to the house, and park, and get a ride to the beginning, IF YOU ARRIVE AT THE HOUSE BEFORE 1 PM.

LOOKING FOR A MASTER OF MARGARITAS to operate the Tiki Bar. Tequila, mix, chambord, midori, orange liquer, … vodka, OJ … tequila provided.
Food is regular cook out staples, some some veggie options (veggie burgers available), special chef prepared Scooby Does Me treats (while they last), and Barfday cake, plus edible panties. Possibly Choco Tacos.
Pinatas contain Porno, Alcohol, and Sex Toys. If you have anything you want to donate for the Pinatas, contact SmegmaBalls. If you are offended by drunken nudity, you are at the wrong address. If you get lost or need support, call 512-426-5728 for a good time.

CoHares: Scuba Dooba Do Me, Squeef, & Choco Taco
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.