AH3 – Trail #2057- Squeef – Mar 13, 2022 01:30PM

Where: 2208 Parkway, Austin, TX 78703, USA
Squeef’s 30th Hashiverary / F*ck Putin / L*ve Ukraine
It’s been exactly two years since Covid-19 f*cked us in Austin. Now Covid and Putin are still f*cking us, but Ukraine is inspiring us. And it’s Squeef’s 30th Hashiversary. Party time.

We’ll celebrate Squeef’s hashiversary, and the valiant efforts of the Ukrainian resistance.We will have special food, special drinks, and special guests.

Trail will start north of downtown. Bring $ and ID for a potential beer check. Expect a lot of fun. If you want to support Ukrainian resistance, dress in the colours of their national flag, blue and yellow. The blue goes on top.

Trail call time: 1:30pm, pack off 2pm
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.