AH3 – Snake Charmer & Weed Witch White Dress Run – Jun 13, 2021 2:00PM

Map links:

Parking lot A
This is the true start but it could be full since it’s the closest to Secret Beach

Parking lot B
Next closest

Parking lot C
Bigger and has porto-potties

Hares: Snake Charmer, Weed Witch, Not Shit For Brains, Burger Queen, Scuba Dooba Do Me

Help Snake Charmer and Weed Witch celebrate their recent nipples… I mean nuptials! Start shopping NOW for those discounted wedding dresses from Goodwill or wear your ex’s. Just cum prepared to run and drink beer!

Sunday’s White Dress R*n stars the newlyweds Snake Charmer and Weed Witch. It’s going to be a hot one. 98 degrees forecast with a heat index of 100-105 degrees. Luckily, your hares love you. We’re doing a A-A’ at Secret Beach, so there will be swimming at the end. Plan accordingly.

If you’ve never been to Secret Beach, it’s downstream of a dam that periodically opens flood gates. While the river seemed calm recently, that could change if there’s a dam release. Watch the conditions and don’t put your stuff anywhere near the waterline at the time.

Go get a white dress. The Goodwill near North Lamar/2222 has more clothes than most and I’ve never been denied a hash costume there. Salvation Army on 183 sorts by colour. It’s going to have bar stops so bring $ and ID and enjoy some A/C breaks. There is a 0.3 mile walk from parking lot start to the beach. Be prepared to walk all your gear that far. Hydrate often.

* Changes of clothes including shoes
* Money and ID
* Water shoes (the river bottom is rocky)
* Swim suit and towel
* Camp chair
* White dress if you care to for the trail
* Sunscreen

Since the trail is A-A’, you can leave most of this in your vehicle before circle. But bring water on trail!

There has been for anyone who doesn’t know some blue-green algae in the Colorado river system in the past few years that is highly toxic to dogs. I think it’s mild now, but in general you don’t want your dogs drinking water from the Colorado. Minimal risk to humans, unless you’re fond of drinking untreated river water. Stagnant areas of the river are most affected. This particular trail was probably not well dog-suited anyways due to the heat index. The bar checks are dog-friendly outside. I’ll let doggie owners make their own decisions.

Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.