AH3 – Outgoing Junta trail.

Where: 6904 Shady Cedar Dr, Austin, TX 78744, USA When: Nov 15, 2020 01:00PM

Your outgoing Junta will provide one last shitty trail. Hares are your former JM’s; All Shaft, No Head and Bubbles, The Sad Beer Clown.

Trail will be A to A, there will be some nice shiggy. Bring your vessel for the keg of IPA and your singing voice to shower your outgoing Junta with praise.

There will be plenty of room to spread out at the start/end location, so bring your PPE and don’t do anything your not comfortable with. There will be some (better) food that will be served. (No, you don’t get to grab it yourself like an animal.) And beer poured by a beer bit@h from a pitcher. (No touch’e the tap, feel free to grab the beer bit@h though.)

We want to run a clean show and not share any unwanted diseases. You’ll have to find your own special friend to share those with. STD testing will Not be provided.

The Junta is dead. Long live the Junta!

Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.