AH3 – old and Worn out RA Redeaux

Sep 27, 2020 02:00PMGreetings Parishioners and Hounds, Fellow Bastards and Sister Hellions

Services will commence at @ 2pm

There will be a general blessing at the starting point of the Irving&Hazel Memorial Trail,
located at 30.383173, -97.767859 (5310 Old Spicewood Springs Rd Austin, TX 78731) 

Upon Epiphany & Revelations, the signs you may or may not see on this holy communion with G, 

you may venture forth to enjoy the path with G at your side.

Please bring your camera (or cell tech) if you would like so that you may examine and record any divine inspiration along the path to inebriation (or ask for intervention and rescue)

As you complete this walk-about, you will find yourself back at the beginning so that you may
seek further Religious Advice and enjoy your beverages of sacrament that you may encounter.

Here is the fine print:
If you aren’t feeling well, don’t want to come about, or just plain aren’t into it, Stay Home!
Have fun you  way, without us!
Face Condoms will be available at the start point.

Dress for the weather, bring some dry shoes, dry sox