AH3 – Look Ma, No Cavatitties marries FUPA on Jan 31, 2021 10:30 AM CST

Where: 16221 Crystal Hills Dr, Austin, TX 78737 (10:30am)

The Google Maps pin on this location is a bit off. Parking is limited at the pool/activity center, as well as the wedding venue so please carpool with your trusted hash family.

1849 Reunion Blvd, Austin, TX 78737 (1pm)

Chapel Dulcinea is an outdoor venue and On-In/circle will be in a large open grassy field so you can maintain your 6′ social distances.

We’re getting mother freaking married! And we want you to join us, as our families are unable to due to COVID and we spend all our time with you fuckers anyways.
We’re getting it ON ON.
10:30am – Wedding at Chapel Dulcinea, 16221 Crystal Hills Dr, Austin, TX 78737
1pm – Trail (pack away at 1:30pm)
Reunion Ranch, 1849 Reunion Blvd, Austin, TX
On-In and HashCeption to follow
HARES – Semicuntductor and Whoreo
On After – TBD
Watch our beautiful blushing bride be given away by her HashDaddy Vienna Sausage Party, with wedding officiated by Miso Anal and Burger Queen.
We will utilize this invite to update information as the wedding planning progress. We will have hash swag.
We want this to be a good, outdoor celebration of our favorite friends. We met hashing, and we’ll die hashing. Expect hash wedding songs, hash vows, and hash debauchery.
Wedding Registry: https://www.myregistry.com/…/antonia-colquette…/2666502