AH3 – InterAmericas 2001 Remembered, 20 years of bitching later! – Sep 05, 2021 03:30PM

Where: 2384 Stratford Dr, Austin, TX 78746, USA
On this weekend 20 years ago AH3 hosted 1,000 hounds at InterAmericas in Austin. It was memorable in many ways but some have never forgiven us for the fire ants, the deluge of rain, or the 1/2 mile of ankle deep mud leading to the On-In. Who knew that pot smoke from a party room could fill up the atrium of the Hyatt so quickly? Enough stories to fill a book.

Come out and join us for a fun filled trip down memory lane of all the wonderful Austin sites that made up InterAmericas 2001. Your hares The Body, She Mussel Bitch, and Squeef will take you on an epic journey. Feel free to BYO Lawnmower beer and fire ants. And if you’re lucky-Austin will f*ck you again!

Start is under Mopac bridge, south side. Bring water for trail, a mug for drinking, and your voice for singing. 

Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.