AH3 – Hashmas Trail

Where: 6900 Shady Cedar Dr, Austin, TX 78744, USA When: Dec 13, 2020 12:00PM

Your 2021 mismanagement is bringing you a most excellent Hashmas trail today. The hash cash is paid for, the beer will be overflowing and cold, and the food will be better than chips and cookies.

Meet up at the large pavilion with your bags of goodies, trail is A-A and the area will be crawling with wankers to watch your crap. Bring your usual hash gear (think dry, warm clothes for an extended circle), chair, mask, and a less than shitty attitude.

Your Junta will reward you with a most excellent trail (multiple hounds will be laying together today), beer, Awards, tasty food, a Gimmie, beer, and a maybe even a Shot to warm your hardened heart!

White elephant gift exchange is happening! Spend $9.69 or less on your weird/best/unusual/crappiest hound booty and see what you get in exchange?!?!

Cum One, Cum All and to All a Great Time!

PS If you have hashed with AH3 at least once in 2020 and you are not in arrears your hash cash is free. If you decide to bring a virgin (that’s great) but they will have to pay to par-tay today.
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.