AH3 – Dammit Homodynamics!

Where: 515 South Pleasant Valley Rd, Austin, Texas 78701 When: Dec 06, 2020 02:00PM

Homodynamics Lays a trail.

From the hare:

I’m a project manager now! Which means I don’t have the time to go out there and look at the job site in person anymore. The bad news is that this applies to scouting trails. The good news is that next month I’ll start laying shitty trails in Houston.

But let’s talk about this shitty trail. Trail will be A to A with shiggy, water crossings, and beer checks. Bring Cash, ID and mask because at least one beer check will be at a bar. Bring more Cash because according to Google Maps there will be more than one bar open on Sunday Afternoon along the trail. You know what that means? It’s time to write Shyster’s number on your forearm and make sure your homie can bail you out because it’s gonna be a Homodynamics Pub Crawl.

Bring a Cranium Lamp because it gets dark early and you might really screw up and still be lost on trail.
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.