S. Lamar Slam Schedule – Sat 3 March

Hare: Wanksgiving

It’s the full moon, and time for the south Lamar slam! Here’s the schedule of locations:

Pinthouse Pizza South 7:00-7:40
Red`s Porch 7:40-8:20
Lavaca St S 8:20-9:00
Baker St Pub 9:00-9:40
Black Sheep Lodge 9:40-10:20
ABGB 10:20-11:00
Golden Goose 11:00-11:40
Corner Bar 11:40-12:20-circle
The Gibson 12:20-1:00
Barton Springs Saloon 1:00

Join the few, the proud, the drunk and complete all 10 bars. Take the bus or Uber or cab but don`t attempt to drive drunk home after this! Srsly