Hashy Hour Nov 06, 2020 5:00PM @ The Far Out

The Far Out Lounge & Stage, 8504 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78745, USA
Hashy hour is way down south this week. Outdoor seating, food truck available.

Hashy hour hare: Just Meredith and the rest of you Southies

They have a scheduled live hip-hop music show at 9pm, doors open 8pm. I don’t know this venue you might have to pay $10 to stay after 8pm, assuming you don’t want the music.

As always, all hashers local and visiting are welcome.

AH3 – Outgoing JM trail.

Where: When: Nov 15, 2020 01:00PM
Your outgoing JM’s, All Shaft, No Head and Bubbles, The Sad Beer Clown bring you one last shitty trail to finish off a shitty year. Location TBA.
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

Hashy Hour & Blue Dress R*n Oct 30, 2020 05:00PM

30.265530, -97.759124
Friday at 5 PM CDT (7PM for Blue Dress R*n)

30.265530, -97.759124

We have a special two-part hashy hour and blue dress r*n for you on 30th October.

Part I: Hashy Hour 5-7pm, Ski Shores Cafe on 1608 Barton Springs Road. NOT the one out on Lake Austin.If you’re hashing smarter, there is a pedestrian path that almost directly connects the Blue Dress R*n start with a parking lot and the hashy hour, so if you’re doing both parts, park at the Blue Dress R*n start and walk 0.3 miles each way to the hashy hour. A visual map will be included in the comments.

Part II: Blue Dress R*n. 7pm-? Start is the start location of this event at the west end of West Riverside Drive parking lot near Zach Scott Theatre.

Hare: Wanksgiving

October has a blue moon so it`s time for a Full Moon H3 res-erection! Get out your best blue dress or go to (C)Ross Dress for less and get one. Date is Friday Oct 30 7PM. Start is parking lot of Zach Scott Theater at the end of W Riverside, west of Lamar. Trail will be a hash/pub crawl so bring $ and ID, plus sensible shoes. Hare will be Wanksgiving so expect a dead lay. No hash cash, BYOB for start and circle.
You should be able to roll this into Hashy Hour since it`s so centrally located

AH3 – Midget Fluffer – Veteran’s Day Trail

Where: Bend Of The River Drive, Bend Of The River Dr, Lost Creek, TX, USA When: Nov 08, 2020 11:00AM

Veterans Day Trail.
Start is the low water crossing at Barton Creek and Lost Creek Blvd.
Expect creek crossings and hills.
Dog Friendly
I’m going to try setting up an un-manned beer check with yellow beer and water.
This will be a dead lay starting on your own at 11 AM. Look for Chalk Talk under the Lost Creek bridge at the trailhead.
If you want to coordinate a circle under 2.5 rules please do, however, unless there is a cure for COVID by the time this trail starts, I will not be attending the live circle.
***Wear mask when possible
***Practice social distancing
***If you are feeling sick please stay home and join us for the virtual circle at 6PM.

Midget Fluffer

Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

AH3 – not another Shaft trail….

Where: 30.393901, -97.909535 When: Oct 25, 2020 01:30PM
Hey There and Howdy to all My Austin Hash Peeps

unless someone with Huge Balls (the size of 3) steps up to hare

here it is:
4300 Mansfield Park Drive will be close to the starting point, it will be on the south loop, not in the main camping park area.

I will scout and then lay it earlier that moanin’

I will have trail beer to be used as roadies if necessary

I will have beer to be used for religion in circle

There will be trail even if I have to disable Pubes, the Hoses, or any of you other speedy youngins’ that can run past me laughing and such so that I can lay it live!

I will try to remember those pesky single serve snatches

I will bring face condoms for those without

See you at 1330 (that 1:30pm for the rest of you)

you might get wet, you might find shiggy, you might even find some shade along the pavement.

One thing you won’t find, trail over 8 miles in the weekend heat, it might be 9 or 10 instead, how does that jingle go?is it 6k is 10 miles or 10k 6 miles….

Darn you Jimmy Carter, you should have standardized and gone metric!
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

AH3 – Dr Frankentunnel’s Post-Hollow Weenie Hangover Hash

Where: 1120 S Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, TX 78746, USA

When: Nov 01, 2020 1:30PM

Your Hares, Fire Tunnel and Meatless Wonder, bring you a trail longer than last week’s, shorter than the week before.
There will be spooky shiggy, hills of death, corpse checks, chips and beer.
Bring your hash bodybag, goblet of doom, electric chair, your well-behaved werewolves and black cats!
Trail is A-A’. (A prime)

NSFB’s special link:


Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

AH3 – Semicuntductor trail 10/18 @ 12 Noon, Cherry Creek Neighborhood Park

Cherry Creek Neighborhood Park, 3403 Silk Oak Dr, Austin, TX 78748, USA [Link to google maps]

Trail is A to A-prime, a little shiggy here and there, expect the unexpected!

Bring $5, (in case the BQ demands it) new shoes, virgins, anyone you know who likes to race and is having withdrawals.

Beer will be provided at beer checks and on-in.
Individually wrapped chip bags will be provided at the on-in.

AH3 – Shaft And Bubbles R AT it AgAiN

Hares: Bubbles and Shaft

Start Point: Parking area by the Onion Creek Greenbelt Playground

Notes from the Hares:
Last word I got from the GB was, we are still at stage 2.5 (what ever that means)

Start time will be a 2pm show

will it be a long or short trail?
both hares like this stuff called SHIGGY
one hare like it long, the other more insane terrain

bring your big girl panties
no boo hooing

I am sure there will be a circle where ever the trail leads and one I am sure, later in the never never!