Austin H3 2000th Trail Celebration

Austin H3 had its 2000th trail on 14th February 2021, but it was pretty much ruined by Snowpacolypse in Texas not to mention the dread virus Covid-19. We want revenge against nature by having our 2000th celebration on 9-11th July 2021 surrounded by better nature at Rocky Hill Ranch near Smithville, TX, easily accessible to residents of Austin to San Antonio to Houston, and maybe a little less so to DFW and El Paso.

This event is open to all hashers, in Texas and elsewhere. But it’s in early July. Make your plans soon!


Friday 9th July 2021

  • Check-in during afternoon or evening. You will have to sign two waivers, one for Austin H3 and one for Rocky Hill Ranch.
  • Beer
  • Welcome trail (short) at 5pm
  • Dinner 6-8pm
  • After dinner shenanigans through the night

Saturday 10th July 2021

  • More beer
  • Brunch, 9-11am
  • Haberdashery bazaar during brunch open to all
  • Austin H3 trail #2021, celebrating the 2000th trail finally. Rocky Hill Ranch is a mountain biking mecca, and the trails will be good, if also shitty. Various trail time starts based on distance starting at 1pm.
  • Offsite swimming/kayaking option in the Colorado river nearby. Time to be determined
  • Bike hash, hared by bike hashers. Probably in the morning before official Trail #2021
  • Dinner at 6-8pm
  • Music by Moose Shocka at night (DJ at TXIH 2021)
  • Nekkid hash near midnight (hared by Mr. and Mrs. Nude TXIH 2021)

Sunday 11th July 2021

  • More beer
  • Brunch, 9-11am
  • Habadashery bazaar at brunch open to all
  • Austin H3 Trail #2022, either onsite or nearby. Additional hash cash will apply not included in rego. Call time at noon.
  • Parting circle after trail
  • Go the hell home


The crucial thing to understand in this rego is that regos are by individual, but your total cost is determined by your camping arrangements, whether by tent/car or RV. Everyone pays a base rego price of $99, which includes the venue’s day use fees, food, and beer. But you need to pay an additional $30 for the weekend per TENT or an additional $60 for the weekend per RV. So assuming we’re all couples, one of you pays the base $99 fee, and the other pays $129 or $159 for the camping/RV fees, and you should equalize that cost with cash payments or sexual favors, such as you two agree. It’s the venue’s rules, not ours. No whining.

What You Get

  • Dinner Friday, brunch and dinner Saturday, brunch Sunday (Four meals)
  • Gimmes (embroidered hat and a patch)
  • Shit ton of beer
  • Day-use fees for Rocky Hill Ranch included with base rego
  • Other fees will be added to base rego depending on your sleeping arrangements ($15 per day per tent/car camping, $30 per day for RV camping). All of this will be in one unified rego form.

What it costs


  • Base rego $99 – includes Friday and Saturday day use fees, food, gimmes, and everything else described previously
  • Camping fees – $15 per night per tent/vehicle. For example, if you’re staying in a tent with two people, one of you will pay $99 rego and the other will pay $129 for their rego and two nights camping fees for your shared tent/vehicle. The camping/party area is not adjacent to the RV area, which is about a 5-10 minute walk away. If you’re willing to forego electric and water hookups, anything but a class A RV could make it up the hill to the general camping area.
  • RV fees – $30 per night per RV. For example, if you’re staying in a RV with two people, one of you will pay $99 rego and the other will pay $159 for their rego and two nights RV fees for your shared vehicle. There are about 20 RV sites, only 2 of which are 50 amp. The rest are 30 amp. All are water/electric only. Since we do not have exclusive use of the property, you should rego ASAP if you want to bring a RV. Don’t contact the owners directly. We will keep the owner in sync with how many RV reservations we have. The RV area is a 5-10 minute walk up a hill to the camping area. Bringing a bike is recommended to make this faster, unless you’re drunk.
  • Sunday hash fee – optional and not included in weekend pricing or rego. $5 or $10 depending whether it’s at Rocky Hill Ranch or somewhere nearby

Sign Me Up!

See Austin H3 Campout 2021 for all the information you’ll need outside this Schedule/FAQ page. Be careful to note that our rego system is based on individuals rego’ing, but one in your sleeping arrangements needs to pay for tent or RV fees.

Look forward to celebrating Austin H3’s 2000th Trail with you soon. On-On!