AH3 – Trail #2131 A trail of two Whores. – Aug 13, 2023 03:30PM

Where: Dittmar Neighborhood Pool, 1009 W Dittmar Rd, Austin, TX 78745, USA
Hares: HeWhore and Whoreo

PRE-LUBE will be from 2:30-3:30 at the pool! This is a free pool to cool off in as early or as late as you want to enjoy it, but it will close at 4pm then pack away! If the parking lot is too crowded, we will plan to park next door at the church.

Trial will be under 4 miles with three beer checks (including lots of water to drink). You will need $$ and ID for BC#2. Trail will A to A-prime and will be shaded as much as possible. There will be shiggy and PI spotted on trail so please take the necessary precautions. It will be amazingly HOT, so please stay hydrated and wear sunscreen or a hat to be extra safe. Please leave your furry loved ones at home to enjoy the A/C.

HeWhore has secured extra Cider and beer, we will be having Moose smoked Brisket for food.
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

AH3 – Trail #2130 BQ Celebrates 30 Years in Austin – Aug 06, 2023 04:00PM

Hard to believe, but 30 years ago this week I moved to Austin after graduating college, moving into a rental house at 10th St. @ MoPac with two friends. This will be a tour of my first Austin neighborhood. It’s going to be hot, so I redid my original idea to shorten it a bit and add more A/C and natural tree cover


  • Start is the parking lot for Town Lake trail/Austin High tennis courts along Veteran’s Drive. Location: 30.274927, -97.770464
  • A-A’. distance between A and prime is half mile. Entire true trail between A-A’ is just over 3 miles. I am haring alone so I won’t be able to carry all your bags plus 20 chairs. We’ll solve that with car backs or grab it yourself when we pass close to A on the way to A’.
  • Bring water, $, and ID. We will have two beer stops with A/C. The second also has ice cream and smoothies available. In-between those two stops, there is a hydration/beer stop with a splash pad. So every mile or so on this trail there will be cooling opportunities.
4pm call time, pack-off 4:30pm

AH3 – Trail #2129 Hashmas in July – Jul 30, 2023 04:00PM

Where: 7000 Ardath St, Austin, TX 78757, USA
Hare: Meatless Wonder, Brrr and Seven year bitch
Hashmas In July Trail.
Deets: Breakout your best Santa and his Elves garb. It’s Hashmas in July!
Trail will be A – B, so bring you shag bag & chair for the end if you are so inclined. It’s hot, so carry water (beer is mostly water), and leave the pups at home.
PRE-LUBE: 2pm at Lala’s Little Nugget, 2207 Justin Ln., where everyday is Christmas.
ON AFTER: Jewboy Sub Shop, 6701 Burnet Rd.
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.

AH3 – Trail # 2128 – Jul 23, 2023 02:30PM

Where: 30°22’40.9″N 97°42’50.2″W
Arkansodomy’s Hashy Birthday Trail
What Three Words: ///onto.display.amount
Off of Metric, North of W Rundberg LN

BIRTHDAY BREWERY-ISH CRAWL. If you want shiggy, not your trail. If you want distance, probably not your trail. If you want several drink stops, this is your trail.
Trail falls on my actual birthday. I will probably be sleep deprived and hungover from the San Antonio campout. So, expect a shit show per SOP.
Bring: Virgins (I need sacrifices to keep young), Cash/Card, ID, and a thirst for beer required.
Check the calendar for any updates before you head out the door.