Established in March 1985

JULY 1995
Revised January 2003
Revised June 2006
Revised November 2010
Revised November 2013
Revised November 2014
Revised November 2021

  1. Purpose of the Austin Hash House HarriersThe Austin Hash House Harriers (AH3) is organized to provide weekly hare-and-hound runs to anyone age 21 or over, good beer, and social camaraderie (song) in the best tradition of the Kuala Lumpur Hash House Harriers (est. 1938). (We do not supply wine or women, you’ll have to bring your own.) The AH3 was established in March 1985, the first hare and plank holder being Doug “Pervert” Taylor.
  2. Membership, Officers, and Duties
    1. Hash Junta
      1. The Hash Junta shall be the working board of directors (Mismanagement) of the AH3.
      2. The Hash Junta shall be composed of seven voting offices, two called Joint Masters (JMs), the Hash Cash, On Sec, Religious Advisor, Beer Meister and Grand Bitch/Bastard.
      3. The offices Hash Cash, On Sec, Religious Advisor, and Beer Meister are shareable; this is, may be filled by a team of two hounds with one vote for the office.
      4. The Hash Junta is responsible for approval of any cash outlay or changes in By-Laws, and will publish such actions on the web site.
      5. Votes are by a simple majority, with four being a quorum.
      6. Proposals for changes to AH3 and the decision of the Junta will to be published on the web site after the proposal is put forward.
      7. The Junta shall ensure that special runs get organized, including at least one hash weekend open to the worldwide hash community.
      8. A Junta member (either voting or non-voting) will forfeit seat if absent from six weekly hashes in succession (with the exception of hash mattress, bimbo, and curmudgeon). A new election will be announced on the web site following the sixth absence. The voting Junta members may vote to make an exception at their discretion.
      9. All Junta members must pay hash cash except for the Beer Meister. A Junta member should not carry an outstanding debt of more than 5 trails at any time.
    2. Hash Erection DayThe Junta and officers are elected to a one year term that starts and ends on Hash Erection Day, which is the first Wednesday following the second Tuesday in November.
      1. Erection Day voting is by a collection of wankers who have done at least one trail during the last junta year and are present.
      2. A wanker shall be current on their hash cash payment 30 days prior to the erections in order to vote or hold a position on the junta at erections.
    3. Joint Masters
      1. Maintains the Receding Hareline by recruiting hares for all trails for the junta year.
      2. Hares any trail not otherwise covered.
    4. Hash Cash
      1. The duties of Hash Cash are enumerated in sections III A.
    5. On Sec
      1. The duties of the On Sec are enumerated in section III B.
    6. Religious Advisor
      1. Moderates the circle.
    7. Grand Bitch/Bastard
      1. Figure head and all knowing leader that the Junta and all members of the hash can turn to for advice, love and support.
    8. Beer Meister
      1. Beer Meister shall collect the beer from the current beer sponsor and be responsible for getting the beer to the start of trail. The beer shall be provided to the hares on ice (along with the watercooler when requested).
      2. Beer Meister is responsible for maintaining and storing the AH3 coolers and miscellaneous beer dispensing equipment and ‘other’ food serving equipment.
      3. The Beer Meister will not pay hash cash in lieu of retrieving and icing the beer down for Sunday’s trail.
    9. Other Officers
      1. Webmeister – Maintains and updates Austin H3 websites and social media presences.
      2. Hash Stats – Provides Hash Cash with data collection and data management support. Publishes statistics on trail attendance.
      3. Other officers shall be elected, or appointed by the junta, as necessary.
    10. Membership
      1. Anyone age 21 or over may run with the AH3, provided that they pay the registration fee to the Hash Cash for each run.
      2. The Junta may, at its discretion, permit minors to join AH3. Examples that would be considered are minors that have been accepted in the past, transplants under age 21, minor spouses of AH3 members, and minor friends/relatives of AH3 members. If accepted the minors will be advised that they may not consume alcoholic beverages while hashing and will be excommunicated if found doing so.
      3. AH3 parents may use their own discretion about bringing minors to the trail. If the parent is a new boot he/she will be strongly advised by the Junta member doing the Hash Attendance Sheet that the parent is totally responsible for the minor and that the hash will make no accommodation for them.
      4. The Junta may, at its discretion, excommunicate any hound, temporarily or permanently, for cause. Guidelines for such excommunication will be maintained by the Grand Bitch/Bastard and made available to the kennel as required.
  3. Operating rules
    1. Finance and Duties of Hash Cash
      1. The Junta is authorized to spend up to $300 (2 Kegs) if the expenditure is recorded in the ledger and approved by the Junta.
      2. An AH3 bank account will be maintained by Hash Cash. The signature card will include Hash Cash and one other Junta member, as selected by Junta vote.
      3. Current account balance will be available upon request.
      4. Hash Cash will be $5 per hound with 70% or more going to the hares, as set by the junta.
      5. Fee is waived for virgins on their second trail.
      6. Hash Cash or a Junta member will collect fees before each hash and will keep an Attendance Sheet of all the hounds. Overage will be returned to hash cash.
      7. Hash Cash or the Junta member making the Hash Attendance Sheet will check the ID of any new boot on their virgin trail. Anyone not 21 or older will be asked to return on their 21st birthday.
      8. The Hash Cash is to maintain a list hounds and the number of Austin hashes they have done. Gimmies for significant milestones will be awarded. Milestone hashes will be #s 25, 69, 100, 250, 500, 666 and 999. An Attendance Certificate for each x69 trail will be awarded.
      9. All records will be maintained as required by law.
      10. Hash Cash to keep a current contact list of members and their run count.
      11. Hash Cash may, at his or her discretion, manage hash cash by offering to carry hounds in Arrears and to carry Prepaid balances as Hash Cash sees fit. Arrears must be cleared to attend Hashmas.
    2. Correspondence, Newsletters, and Duties of the On Sec & Off Sec
      1. Make sure that the time and location/directions are available through current communication methods.
      2. Publish a list of upcoming events of interest.
      3. Keep minutes of Junta meetings, and make them available upon request.
      4. On Sec should secure someone to write hash trash in their absence.
    3. Runs and Instructions for Hares
      1. Only two rules apply: There will always be a Hash, and there are no rules. Use your discretion and ask for help, if needed.
      2. The Junta will make MOTHERLY ADVICE available to anyone who needs it.
    4. Hashmas
      1. (Effective through Junta year 2022) The Junta shall expend unneeded funds in the bank account by hosting a December party, with attendance at no cost to all active hounds (hounds who have hashed at least once in the past year).
      2. (Beginning Junta year 2023) The Junta shall host a December party for all hounds who have hashed at least once in the past junta year and their guests, costs to be covered by unneeded funds in the bank account and a per attendee assessment not to exceed eight times Hash Cash (see section III.A).
  4. Amendment of the By-Laws
    1. The By-Laws shall be binding upon the Junta unless prohibited by law or modified by the membership.
    2. The By-Laws can be amended by a majority vote of the membership attending Erections. Any changes will be made available by web site and at regular weekly hashes.
    3. Once passed, modifications shall be made immediately (hash time) to the By-Laws by the On Sec and published on the web site.