We are the AH3 Mismanagement and we are not responsible for anything other than your wildest dreams. If you want to reach everyone in The Junta, please write a positive review of Austin Hash House Harriers.

Grand Bitch – Romanian Steamer

Figure head and all knowing leader that the Junta and all members of the hash can turn to for advice, love and support, yeah right!

Hash Cash – MasterDater

Collect money every week, keeps run count for hounds hashing with AH3, keep account reconciled, pay bills and make deposits. Reports account balance to Austin Hash members via newsletter and eGroups. Also report what money has been spent and on what and when.

Hash Stats – The Body

Collects more stats than any kennel on the planet. If you really need to bitch right now, 512-423-8177

Joint Masters She Mussel Bitch/Crusty Beaver

Supposed to help On-Sec, Hash Cash, and Beer Meister, hare the hash if no volunteers, plan hash events.

Schedule hares to hash every week and any other special events on the hash calendar. Communicate information to On-Sec, Hot-Line & WebMaster to publish.

Beermeister –  Dry Hose

Deliver Saint Arnold beer to the hash each week. This can be done and should be done by different hashers each year.

Haberdasher – All Shaft, No Head

Creator of the best T-shirts, hats, patches, mementos, etc. Brings Austin Hash stuff to trails to shamelessly market.

On Sec – Seven Year Bitch

Write hash trash. Work with Hash Cash, Hare Raiser and Joint Masters to keep an accurate account on hares, events and funds.

Religious Advisor – Squeezin’ Semen

Show up every week and RA the circle. Must try to find a replacement to fill in if cannot attend.

Webmeister –  Burger Queen

Maintain and update website and social media presences. Report website or social media problems here. If you want trail updates, e-mail hareraiser